Martin Senk

Webdingens [vɛp ˈdɪŋəns]

The word dingens is a placeholder for when you can’t remember the original word or it yet needs to be defined. Using the web we can connect people all over the world using all kinds of technology. Webmessages, websites, webXR, webGL, web… err.. cloud services (like Alexa), webVR and more!

Martin Senk

Hi there! I’m a frontend developer with a background in computer science. My first contact with frontend was during my university years, where I created simple lists of results, data visualisations and so on. I also create a browser game in a team and prepared 3D experiments for the centre of cognitive science.

Since 2013 and the book “Learning Web Design” by Jennifer Robbins I’ve been dedicated to the development of the web.


SCSS & style organization
Any kind of new ways to interact with data or machines
Data visualization


My main hobby atm is: bouldering.